Autumn 2017: Best Rewards Credit Cards for Thanksgiving Shopping

Thanksgiving is coming, and whether you are hosting a meal or coming as a guest, your spendings are going to accumulate faster than you can notice. A holiday feast is a costly matter – each year Americans spend around $50 on a Thanksgiving dinner for 10 people. However, you can turn costs into profits if you take a look at rewards credit cards. Grocery shopping for a Thanksgiving day can be a lot of fun, and you can count rewards instead of debts if you apply for a credit card for grocery shopping. Check out the cards you’ll say thanks to during your Thanksgiving shopping quest.

Best Credit Cards for Grocery Shopping – November 2017

Discover it® Miles  

If you think winter is the perfect time for traveling, raise your hands. Ok, we think so too. Grocery shopping can bring you a lot of miles that you can spend on travel, if you apply for the Discover it® Miles. Discover gives you 1.5 miles on each purchase and matches all your earned miles at the end of the first year if you are a new cardmember. Thus, if you earn 40,000 miles for a year, you’ll get 80,000 miles. So, basically you get 3 miles per dollar on all of your holiday shopping.

Capital One® Savor® Cash Rewards Credit Card  

Thanksgiving is the perfect time for foodies – talk about big delicious meals. When savoring turkey with gravy and mashed potatoes at home or at a restaurant, remember that your feast can also bring you rewards. The Savor card is the perfect card for dining and grocery shopping. It gives you increased rewards on dining and groceries (namely, 3% cash back on dining and 2% cash back on groceries), and since we know that you are going to increase your spendings on holidays, you may as well use them for a good cause and earn a $150 sign-up bonus that the Savor card offers to the new cardholders for spending $500 on purchases within the first three months from account opening.

Discover it® Cash Back  

This card offers a simple way to save on your Thanksgiving shopping. Discover it® Cash Back is a typical cash back card with rotating categories, which means that each quarter you get increased rewards in certain shopping categories. Enroll in the current 5% cash back shopping category to earn additional cash back on your purchases (up to a quarterly maximum). If you do not enroll, you will earn only 1% cash back on all purchases. One more good thing about cash back is that Discover will match all the cash back you earn for the first year of using the card (provided that you are a new cardmember). For example, if you earn $200 cash back, you’ll get $400 cash back.

Save on Thanksgiving shopping with the most rewarding credit cards

Thanksgiving is the time to spend with your family and friends. And however big a company you’ll gather around the festive table, costs shouldn’t interfere with your fun. Fortunately, now you know the way to save on Thanksgiving dinner. Pay less with our credit cards and enjoy turkey and pumpkin pie without any worries about bills. Take care about your party – credit cards will take care about your bills for you.