Earn more Rewards With The Discover It Miles Card

If you’ve got the travel bug, you’ll want to know about the amazing one-of-a-kind offer for new cardholders from the Discover it® Miles Card. Right now, as a new Discover cardmember, you will get all your reward miles matched at the end of your first year of the card membership – meaning you can earn up to three miles for every dollar you spend on your card.

Discover it® Miles rewards cardholders with 1.5 miles for every dollar they spend. So if you spend enough to earn 50,000 reward miles in a year, you’ll actually get 100,000 miles once the bonus offer kicks in on your cardholder anniversary. It’s only valid for the first year you have the card, but after that, you’ll still earn the standard 1.5 miles per dollar spent, which makes it a good deal for the long haul as well.

Unlike other Discover cash back cards, you don’t have to worry about signing up for rewards every quarter, or keeping track of rotating categories to get your 5% cash back bonus. You automatically earn bonus miles every time you swipe your card or use it online, making it easy to collect reward miles.

Easy redemption, plus perks for travelers


Redemption is a breeze with Discover it® Miles, as well. Every 100 miles you earn is worth one dollar – so that 100,000 miles reward above would be worth $1,000 once you redeem it. Choose to collect it as a statement credit, or have the reward direct deposited into your bank account. Statement credits will be applied toward travel purchases, including airline tickets, hotel stays, cruises, train fare, or even bus and taxi charges. Basically, anything categorized as a travel expense is eligible for a reward redemption credit. That means you don’t have to worry about spending your travel dollars at any specific company or brand.

Another great perk for travelers is that the Discover it® Miles Card doesn’t charge foreign transaction fees; anything you buy with your card overseas will cost face value, no extra charge. Many cards charge up to 3% for foreign transaction fees, but not this one. It’s also chip-enabled, making it easier to use outside the US, where chip cards are standard. Chip cards are also more secure; updated technology adds an extra layer of security to ensure you’re protected from fraudulent charges. Plus, the Discover Mobile app makes it easy to track your spending, check your FICO score, make a payment, or freeze your account in case of a lost or stolen card.

0% APR for over a year

Besides the great rewards you can get with Discover it® Miles, you’ll also enjoy a 0% introductory APR for the first 14 months you have the card. Make that big-ticket purchase you’ve been meaning to pull the trigger on, and take the next year to pay it off, interest-free. After the introductory APR expires, your interest rate will be anywhere from 13.49% – 24.49% Variable, depending on your creditworthiness.

If you need to transfer a balance from a higher-rate card, you can do that for only a 3% balance transfer fee. The introductory APR for balance transfers is 10.99% for the first 14 months, and then converts to the regular purchase APR.

Keeping an eye on credit

If you’re concerned about your credit score, you’ll also be pleased to know that you can keep a close eye on it using a Discover Credit Scorecard. This service is offered for free to Discover cardholders and anybody else. You will be able to view your FICO Credit Score, number of recent inquiries, and other information you usually find on your reports.

The better your credit score, the better offers you’ll be eligible for when you’re in the market for a mortgage, car loan, or low-interest credit card. Log into your account online to access your FICO score anytime, at no charge. If you’re in the process of rebuilding or establishing credit, this is a super helpful perk that will help you make the most of your credit score and make sure you stay creditworthy.

A great, NO-FEE card

Let’s review. The Discover it® Miles credit card is a great alternative if you’re looking for a travel rewards credit card. Here’s why:

  • It doesn’t restrict you with blackout dates, and it lets you fly any airline and stay at any hotel.
  • It also has no annual fee, gives you a bonus reward at the end of your first year, and lets you earn 1.5 miles for every dollar you spend.
  • The rewards are unlimited; there is absolutely no cap on how many miles you can earn with this card.
  • Redemptions are flexible and easy, with the option to receive them as a travel credit on your statement, or cash in your bank account.

If you’re ready to apply for a great travel rewards credit card, you can’t do better than this one. Apply today.