How to Subdue Wedding Expenses and Earn More than $8,000 for Honeymoon

Whether you are married or not, we all agree that marriage is incredibly important for a person. It signifies the beginning of two people as a team, as a family, of a long commitment. It is a newly born union and the sign of your choice, decision and the fact that your care. Now you are one with your spouse and whatever you experience, fortune or misfortune, you’ll share it and deal with it together. And wedding is the day that marks this change and that you’ll certainly remember forever. We are sure you want it best – the prettiest gown, the tastiest delicacies, the most exquisite flowers – but we are also sure you’ll want to remember the happy moments, but not fretting over your wedding bills. In fact, with sizeable $35,000 that an average couple spends on wedding, saving should be your top priority. To help with that, we’ve narrowed down the choice of the credit cards that can easily get you a free honeymoon on saved money.

Choose the Right Credit Card and Earn Miles for Free Honeymoon


Try to think strategically and determine what you want from the helper credit card. To really gain from your wedding you should make your money work – and therefore to put all your expenses on a credit card. It’s a good idea to be reasonable with your spending, but if that wedding has gone over your limits and takes some time to repay, get a 0% intro APR credit card – due to the promotional period you’ll not be buried by the accrued interest. You certainly don’t need any annual fee – unless you want your rewards to be eaten up by annual payments. What you need is the profit – and you’d definitely want to collect rewards from all your purchases, not from some selected categories that you may not even use. And a solid incentive like a rewards bonus certainly won’t hurt. Thus, in a nutshell:

Main Features of the Ideal Credit Card to Pay for Wedding Expenses

  • Rewards – you need to earn rewards on all purchases with no limits.
  • Rewards Bonus – big bonus will help you to earn enough.
  • 0% Intro APR – no need to worry when paying off your Credit Card balance.
  • No Annual Fee – no extra spendings.

With the right card a wedding can be a smart plan to build your credit and earn as well. Planning ahead and arranging your budget is a good start for your hand in hand journey towards a new responsible life.

5 Reasons to Choose Discover it® Miles Card

  1. Discover Gives You 1.5x Miles per Dollar on All Purchases

  2. Wedding planner, photographer, transportation, venue, music – the preparation’s just got to be a heavy load. All the hassle doesn’t leave you any time to think what card you would use for that specific category – and in fact there’s just no way you could put your expenditure items into ‘grocery’, ‘travel’ or ‘dining’. Take it easy, for there is a means of making profit from all of your spending. The Discover It Credit card is a universal tool for collecting miles that truly has no boundaries.

    Your wedding dress will no longer avail you after the big day, but your card will! Don’t stop the inflow of cash after you’ve made your special purchases – Discover miles don’t expire and will serve you well after the date. Not only is it perfect for a special occasion and big spending, but you can also use it as your day-to-day card. Whatever you need, Discover will get it.

    Pay for Wedding Checklist and Earn UNLIMITED Rewards

    Expenses Average Cost
    Venue, Catering & Rentals ~ $14,400
    Jewerly ~ $6,600
    Reception Band ~ $3,800
    Photography & Video ~ $4,000
    Attire ~ $2,700
    Other ~ $3,500

    Earn 52,500 Miles with the Discover it® Miles Card for average wedding spendings of $35,000

  3. Get All the Miles You’ve Earned Matched and Get One Step Closer to the Ideal Honeymoon

  4. A wedding is an event totally worth the splurge, but sometimes you just go too far. A large number of couples spend all on the reception and ceremony and nothing is left for the honeymoon. With the Discover it Miles you are able to avoid it as Discover doubles the miles you’ve earned at the end of your first year. That’s virtually free money for new Discover cardmembers! Imagine spending miles on two tickets to you dream destination and extending your holiday even further.

    At the end of your first year 52,500 Miles that you earned will turn into 105,000 Miles*

  5. Leave All Worries Behind – Your Card Has 0% Intro APR on Purchases

  6. Your budget has exceeded all expectations? No need to worry – you can get the money you need right now and pay over time – all without any interest. For 14 months, you don’t have to pay any extra money, and that’s enough time to get rid of the heftiest debts. It’s not usual for rewards cards to offer an intro period that long – but the Discover it Miles does all for your easy spending – without doubt, without bounds.

    Don’t think about paying interest for 14 months then get Regular APR based on your creditworthiness

  7. No extra spendings! Get credit card with no annual or foreign transaction fees

  8. When on vacation, the last thing you want to be preoccupied with is counting fees you are going to pay for each transaction. But don’t fret! Discover doesn’t add any extra cost to your purchases even when you are overseas. More than that, you won’t pay any annual fee. This credit card makes sure you won’t lose any of the money you’ve earned as rewards – so, no adding or deducting involved. It’s as easy as a piece of wedding cake.

  9. Redeem Earned Rewards for Honeymoon

  10. After you’ve earned your rewards it’s a tough task to decide what to spend the yield on – now that the verdict should consult the interests of both sides. Whatever you resolve, the Discover it Miles is there to help. Discover miles can be redeemed as a cash back via a deposit into your linked bank account – which makes them suitable for virtually any purchase. That being said, we’ve got a solution that will appeal to both of you – even if you are yet to find a common ground on the subject. Spend your miles on a honeymoon and you’ll get a vacation of a lifetime!


    Discover miles can be redeemed for any purchase that codes as travel – meaning that hotels and other travel expenses also qualify. Making an itinerary and planning your journey all by yourself may be fun – but after having planned your wedding it might also be a fun killer. With the Discover it Miles you can leave your holiday planning to professionals and just have a rest worth its price – even though in reality it may cost you no money at all.

    The average cost for an all inclusive honeymoon packages ranges from around $1,000 to $6,000 total for two with airfare included

    Destination Duration Average Cost
    Mexico 7 days ~ $1,150*
    Bora Bora 3 days ~ $3,300*
    St. Barth 3 days ~ $2,700*
    Monte Carlo 2 days ~ $1,600*
    Mustique 2 days ~ $1,900*
    New Zealand 3 days ~ $2,700*
    Paris 2 days ~ $1,700*

    * Cost may vary depending on a season and a hotel of your choice


    With an average of $35,000 that couples spend on wedding, you can earn 52,500 miles and more if you put your purchases onto the Discover it Miles. Discover will match all first-year miles, making it 105,000 that you can use towards travel. With Discover’s rate of 1 cent for a mile you’ll get $1,050 towards your future holiday – quite a bit if you consider that it’s enough for a travel package. Pay for the wedding and get a honeymoon for free – that’s the deal you couldn’t dream of, so go for it and you won’t regret.

    Final Word

    A wedding can be a list of duties, a trouble of keeping all the responsibilities in mind – or it can be a memorable day, the best day of your life. The Discover it Miles can help it be the latter. This card is an investment in the future, your first helper and companion – from your honeymoon to the upcoming plans and purchases. The ones that you will make together.

    *All the figures are just an example, any number of miles you earn will be matched at the end of the first year of use (new cardmembers only).