Packing Your Business Beach Bag: Preparing for Success on a Summer Schedule

Summer is almost here and you can almost smell the sea and feel the sand between your toes as the sun gets higher in the sky.  Once school is out, families will hit the road for beaches, lakes and mountains, near and far.  While everyone is out enjoying fun and sun in the great outdoors, independent entrepreneurs need more than SPF to protect their businesses when they are away from their home offices.

With advance preparation, home-based entrepreneurs can truly enjoy an afternoon, day, week or even month-long getaway without negatively impacting their business.   At Princess House, we pride ourselves in giving independent consultants everything they need to succeed.  That includes tips and tactics to ensure that their direct selling businesses succeed while their families thrive.

Summer schedules don’t need to derail business plans.  In fact, they provide a well-deserved break in routines that revitalize entrepreneurs and spark motivation, while offering quality time with family members.  Pack a virtual “business beach bag” to keep your business moving forward, while you sit back and relax under a beach umbrella:

  • Get Your Mobile Running – Bring mobile devices to your cellphone carrier and let them do a quick check up to ensure that your software is up-to-date and everything is running smoothly. Also verify your coverage service area and potential surcharges if leaving the country. You may even learn that you’re due for an upgrade on your device that will offer the latest and greatest business technology.
  • Find Your Wi-Fi – Many public parks, restaurants and most hotels offer free internet and Wi-Fi access. Check ahead for Wi-Fi hotspots along your route and at your destination.  It’s also a good idea to review your data plan so you’re aware of charges you may incur checking emails when you’re out of Wi-Fi range.
  • Maps and More – When you’re planning a vacation beyond a day-trip, consider destinations that are within driving distance from your home. With airline and train delays a common summer hazard, you’ll be able to control your travel time reliably to spend more time at your destination and less at airports and depots.  Even for short trips, use Google maps, or preferred map app to plan a route that has fun stops and interesting sights along the way.
  • Work and Play the Calendar Way – Chances are you keep your calendar on your computer and/or mobile device. Apply your entrepreneurial know-how to drawing up a daily trip schedule that avoids crowds at your destination and traffic along the route.  Use reminders and notifications to check off items on your business to-do list, while you keep your family moving along. Make sure to sign up for emails that notify you of early bird specials and other money and time-saving offers.
  • No Business Zone – “Do Not Disturb” is a handy function on your mobile device that will guarantee uninterrupted family time, when and for how long you decide. By keeping to a flexible schedule of business hours over the summer, you’ll be dedicating true quality time to enjoying fun with your family. Predetermining your “off time” is also important to notify your customers or vendors of in advance.

Your virtual business bag will ensure an entrepreneur’s drive for success.  But, don’t forget to bring along plenty of sunscreen!